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Artist’s Bio

Diallo Mwathi Jeffery is a graduate of Oakland Public Schools and Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and studied at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.  Diallo found a love for photography in his childhood, learning to shoot, develop and print his own film, using his father’s Pentax K1000 35mm camera.  In his adolescence, he learned stop-motion animation in a film camp held by Mosswood Park recreational center.



Diallo’s distinctive photography has been exhibited at Oakland City Hall, the Joyce Gordon Gallery, SLATE Contemporary at Visit Oakland, PHOTO Fine Art Gallery, and the Oakland Museum of California.  Diallo renders and exhibits panoramic cultural landscapes in large-scale print.


Artist’s Statement - Diallo Mwathi Jeffery


“What captivates me is how natural light of the cosmos slices across texture and contour, exploding through fields in ranges of color deeper than our sense of sight.  We’re usually in such a rush in our lives, that we overlook the splendor of fleeting moments. … As we stop to absorb beauty surrounding us, we discover a life filled with more of it. … The camera has long been my friend, for it enables me to capture a glimpse in the light of consciousness and render its artifact to the canvas.”  

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